A soulful

If walls could talk, ours would have plenty of stories to tell. Stories of Alpine tradition and timeless aesthetics. And of the people who breathe life into this authentic place. Then, now and in the future.

A sense of timelessness

Hotel Arlberg has always been more than just a beautiful place to stop. In 1956, the grandparents built a home for themselves and all those who were looking for something even more precious: a community. Today, family Schneider still honours the vision of the founders and preserve their cherished ‘old school’ touches. As hosts, they believe in the philosophy of connectedness and still consider careful attention to be one of the most valuable subtleties of their profession. We invite you to become part of a unique tradition that goes far beyond an ordinary hotel stay. In a place that shares its soul and authentic history with every guest.

Floating on an aesthetic high

At Hotel Arlberg, the essence of timeless interiors and Alpine charm come together to form a harmonious ensemble. It’s the small details that make all the difference. Natural elements such as clay and limestone promote healthy sleep and regulate the indoor atmosphere. Warm oak and gleaming Vals quartzite reflect the Alpine surroundings and create a deep connection with nature. Genuine colour pigments in soft shades of umber, green and silver provide pure relaxation. Bespoke box spring beds, antiques, family heirlooms and each specially commissioned photograph of the mountain landscape have been carefully selected to create an exclusive living experience.

Rooms & Suites

Your hosts
the Schneider family

Hotel Arlberg is much more than an ordinary hotel. It feels more like a beautiful and lovingly maintained home. As a family of passionate hosts, we and our dedicated staff run our hotel with a great deal of heart and even more soul. Here, guests are not just accommodated, but warmly welcomed into the circle of our family. Our affection for our home and the people who stay here is evident in our attention to detail – in the aesthetically pleasing living rooms, the extraordinary spa and the cosy lobby. And above all, in our sincere appreciation of each and every guest.

Benjamin & Patrick

Your hosts, Benjamin and Patrick, met at the École hôtelière, the prestigious hotel management school in Lausanne. After completing their studies, they gained extensive experience all over the world, which they brought with them to Lech in 2017. Here they combine their vision of modern hospitality with a deep respect for the local cultural heritage, resulting in an avant-garde fusion of tradition and modernity.

»We don’t want to rewrite history. We are working on the sequel, the next chapter.«

Benjamin Schneider • Host

An ode to team spirit

We maintain a culture of mutual esteem and reliability. As a family business, we recognise the power of community, because only as a team can we achieve great things. Hotel Arlberg is a place where our employees are part of the family. Each and every one of them is a true ambassador of hospitality who will pamper and look after you. How lovely it is to return year after year as a regular guest and see familiar faces again and again. That’s something we’re proud of, and it fills us with humility and gratitude.


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