Stimulating wellness showers

Water at its most beneficial

Not all water is created equal. Gentle raindrops, a powerful waterfall or a massage with alternating hot and cold jets are just some of the ways in which this element can be used to benefit our health. The use of different temperatures, pressure, light and even fragrances can create unprecedented effects and moods that play an essential role in holistic health systems such as TCM, Ayurveda and Kneipp. An elemental experience that gently releases stress and tension.

Horizontal Shower

A rendezvous with your soul. The Horizontal Shower at the Arlberg Spa offers a completely new way to relax as you recline. Lie down on the heated natural stone and choose from three different scenarios (balancing, energising or de-stressing). The water massages are performed with alternating hot and cold rain jets in opposite directions from the shoulders and soles of the feet to the centre of the body.


Memories of a warm summer rain or a gentle waterfall in the mountains. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, the water from a dome wraps the body in a protective cocoon, enveloping it in a powerful cascade or caressing it with soft, almost weightless drops that splash down like a natural phenomenon and seem to wash away the stresses and strains of everyday life.

Making-of Video

Sensory Sky

Get back to being you. Different types of rain, mist, light and soft fragrances complement each other to create unique choreographies inspired by weather phenomena and natural moods. Accumulated energy is released in alternating jets of water and invigorating plays of temperature and light. The large rain-making sky brings the perfection of nature to the Arlberg Spa.

Comfort Shower

Surrounded by tingling drops, shielded from the outside world. An emotional shower experience in a seated position. Feel how the back, neck and leg jets touch your senses. The rain shower adds the final touch to these jets and their effects. A feeling of infinite safety as ideally positioned jets gently massage your back and neck.